SITE Design Goup, Inc.

SITE Design Group, Inc. is a consulting firm specializing in Community Planning, Design and Development, providing services to clients throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. SITE was created to achieve the goal of designing the most progressive facilities with integrated site planning solutions, and meeting the needs of our clients and their community. Our professionally recognized, award winning skate park designs throughout the United States and abroad exemplify our ability to understand the complexities of public and private action sports development, regardless of location.

SITE embraces a visionary, small-team management strategy, striving to provide a level of personalized service. We dedicate one person to oversee each and every phase of a project, and assign key personnel with relevant experience gained on similar projects to address your planning needs. Through utilization of state-of-the-art technology and attention to detail, we deliver a cohesive, focused effort over the course of the project.


SITE Design Group, Inc. offers many advantages in the execution of work on your project, offering expertise in Planning, Urban Design, Parks & Recreation Planning & Design, Landscape Architecture, Engineering and Construction Administration under one roof. We provide the client with a knowledge-based company to complete a project in a functional and creative manner. We focus on solid design and sound planning with the needs and desires of our clients as our main priority.


Brian Moore - President/Skateboarder


James Lane - P.E., S.E., LEED AP - Senior Professional Engineer - AL #24379, AZ #35097, CA #C-77963, CO #34524, DC #906272, FL #52895, GA #PE024352, ID #14133, IN #PE19900411, KY #20330, LA #E28114, MA #40569, MD #39280, MN #48097, MO #029891, MS #13702, MT #19809, NC #024615, NM #16521, NJ #24GE04497600, NY #084441, OH #65416, OK #21884, SC #18692, TX #86782, UT #5784378-2203, VA #0402030050, WA #48553, WI #31060-006.


Cristal Garcia - Project Manager


Jaxon Statzell - Design Team


Jen Manckia - Production Team


Nate Wessell - Design Team





Our Philosophy

The design philosophy of SITE is to create a user-friendly quality facility that applies to various skill levels and is exciting to the users. The key element to launching a successful project is community involvement. The users are involved in the review of all generated design concepts to insure a community-based design. It is our intention to continue working with an established focus group to maintain the continuity of the original interest groups. Our designs are unique through site integration. Action Sport Parks can be visually spectacular, primarily created through the arcs, tangents and grade differences. Our community designs are intended to provide an inviting setting to be enjoyed not only by the skaters, but also the public/spectators.





Our Approach



SITE Design Group, Inc. establishes well-defined schedules for meetings, tasks and design products. Timely meetings with our design team and the City representatives will be regularly scheduled to review concepts, costs and progress. Prior to the start of the project, a master schedule will be developed to define all pertinent tasks, sub-tasks, duration, milestones, meetings and submittals. This process will ensure the client and the SITE design team understand the project scope and associated task duration.

Design Guidelines

SITE will continue its efforts evaluating opportunities and constraints for the action sports park and its relationship to the other park amenities. We will provide sound information justifying the space allocation based on theme, budget, circulation, parking, lighting, security and safety as a minimum. This creates a realistic design approach, especially while working with the community users and design team.


It will be our commitment to the project that the required parties/resources remain informed, the project schedule is designed to ensure a quality product, estimates are accurate and delivery is on time. All internal schedules for the project will have resource names associated with the project tasks prior to the start of the project.

Design Process

The success of the park will be credited to the active participation of the park users. It is crucial to establish an effective process and obtain design consensus throughout. SITE understands the importance of receiving additional input from users who have achieved professional status in all action sports riding outside of the community. Their input ensures that the design brings functional concepts from around the world, as well as receives approval from professional riders.


Public design workshops are held with the community to help decide which elements are going to be designed not only inside the facility, but outside as well. Site amenities such as spectator seating, walkways, bathrooms, shade structures, playgrounds, etc. will compliment your facility and make it user friendly for all ages. SITE acknowledges that working with your local community is important and acts as a liaison between the riders and the city to help translate their wants and needs. There is a careful balance when designing a successful action sports facility as all age groups and skill levels need to be considered.


Our interactive website helps us share our design concepts with the community, city staff, and all parties involved with the project. A user name and password is provided during the first public design workshop so that your community can track our design process and also communicate with us with any additional design input that they may have.


SITE is committed to providing the latest thinking and technology to action sports design. We have a proven success record using AutoCad for construction documents and intergraph "inroads" for modeling, animation, slope analysis, volume calculations, quantity survey, cut and fill balance, coordinate geometry, calculation reports, and more.


SITE constantly researches information to design better action sport parks through failure analysis of past constructed public facilities built. We understand what it will take to create a structurally sound public facility that will stand the test of time, and not inhibit the user experience. We understand all the methodologies and techniques that need to be applied during the construction process to make this park better built than any othe public facility.


The proposed design and budget will be extremely realistic. SITE is currently working on cost estimates for several action sport parks similar to what your City proposes. We stay in constant contact with contractors throughout the process for up-to-date cost information to ensure that there are no surprises or cost assumptions. All our area take-off information is extremely accurate including our computer modeling that takes into consideration total surface areas, specialty materials and earth work calculations.

Construction Process

SITE stresses the importance of being an integral part of the construction process. Design documents cannot substitute for field coordination and requirements for shaping a quality facility. We help shape the concept in the field from quality concrete finish samples, transition templates for a perfectly troweled radii steel coping setback guides and much more.