For over 20 years the Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA has been the nucleus of skateboarding in North County. The original YMCA Skate Park, built in 1990, was relocated and expanded to 34,000 square feet in 2004. The current skate park, unique with wood and skatelite construction, features a 120’ monster vert ramp used at the 2003 X Games, signature kidney and clover pools, “mini-land” skate lesson area, and a street course with ledges, rails and ramps.

The current park is the home to thousands of skaters from beginner lesson levels at age three, to professionals such as Shaun White and Tony Hawk. The Encinitas YMCA Skate Park is an international icon, featured during Olympic broadcasting, skate and sports magazines and covered during competition events.

As one of the most iconic skate parks in the world, the construction of wood and skatelite ramps is important to maintain our uniqueness and appeal to the skate community. Our proximity to the Pacific Ocean and high levels of moisture creates a challenging atmosphere for wood longevity. The consistent moisture requires constant upkeep and replacement of wood and skatelite to keep the park running.

The popularity of skateboarding is predicting to rise in the next decade. To keep up with the growing popularity of skateboarding, the Y has pioneered the conceptof offering skateboarding lessons to beginners. Parents have recognized the benefits of skaters learning skateboarding basics, falling safety and skate etiquette and our current lesson program has reached max capacity. As a result, part of our proposed redesign is to expand our Mini-Land lesson area complete with spectator area to meet the growing demand of skateboarding lessons. Additional renovations are focused around the goals of park sustainability while maintaining the exciting and unique features wood construction offers to the skate community.


  • The Skate Park is a facility to exercise in a fun way, preventing childhood obesity.
  • The Skate Park is a safe and supportive place to keep our community’s youth off the streets, away from the dangers of skating in the street or the exposure to gangs.
  • It is a place to build skills, foster self-confidence and make long-lasting friendships.
  • The YMCA teaches core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.

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