It’s springtime and time for the Skatepark to host its annual holiday egg hunt! Come and visit the Skateboarding Bunny,
play in the jump houses, and participate in fun crafts. This is a family friendly event and great for the young ones! The Park will… be closed to
riding during this event so it will be safe for all to enjoy. Eggs will be hidden throughout the Skatepark and will have small prizes inside each one. Please bring your own basket as we may have limited supplies for the event. The Egg Hunt starts at 11:15 am sharp, so please
don’t be late or you will miss it! Depending on overall turnout, participants may be limited in the amount of eggs they will be
allowed to collect.
Fee: $5 donation per person
Location: Etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest
(20028 Lake Forest Dr)
For more info call: The Skatepark at 916-5870
All Ages Mar 31 Sat 11:00 am-1:00 pm
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