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Check out this video of Money Mike and his 20-tricks at Stoner Skate Plaza located in Los Angeles, CA! To view more photos of this park, click here:
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The 14-stop qualifying portion of Volcom Stone’s 2011 North American Wild in the Parks tour rounded out in fine form at the Santa Clarita Skate Park. Results: 14 & Under: 1st: Jeremiah Neumann 2nd: Rene Serrano 3rd: James Kim 4th: Trevor MacDonald 5th: Matt Caputo 6th: Erich Magiar 7th: Hakeem Ducksworth 15 & Over: 1st: Jared Cleland 2nd: Caedyn Curto 3rd: Sam Bauer 4th: Sean Imes 5th: Austin Holcomb 6th: Kevin White 7th: Ariel Cortes Open/Pro-Am: 1st: Brendon Villanueva 2nd: Jordan Maxham 3rd: Matt Lemond 4th: Chris Colbourn 5th: Matt Harvey 6th: Anthony Anaya 7th: Tyler Pacheco Electric’s “Hype of the Day”: Jeremiah Neumann! To view more photos of this park, click here:
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Check out this video of Albert Ramirez skating at the NIKE Skate Plaza located in Pacoima, CA! To view more photos of this park, click here:
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The Am Slam contest finished up it's tour with stop #5 located at the Carmel Valley Skate Park in San Diego, CA. PRO-AM 1. - Austin Lenahan- $1000 2. - Chris Mendes - $400 3. - Miles Vanello - $300 17 AND OVER 1. Gage Boyle 2. Joel Alduous 3. Julian Stinnett 14 - 16 1. Lance George 2. Micah Christina 3. Joel Aldous 13 AND UNDER 1. Gage Boyle 2. Austin Heilman 3. Alexis Ramirez To view more photos of this park, click here:
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Check out this Active behind the scenes video with Figgy and Jon Dickson skating at Lincoln Skate Park located in Los Angeles, CA! To view more photos of this park, click here:
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Check out this video of Sergie Ventura and friends skating at the Etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest! To view more photos of this park, click here:
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If you weren't in Copenhagen last Saturday then check out the clip to get an idea of what went down at the Faelledparken! Volcom Stone celebrated the European Wild In The Parks Championships at that outstanding outdoor skatepark in the City of Copenhagen, Denmark. Some skaters from all over Europe gathered and spent the day with us to compete, but mostly have a good time, enjoy the layback and nice atmosphere of the city, party, meet the locals, and skate the parks and get some tricks down some sick street spots. What is fun about this contest is that it gathers plenty of people who qualified in their local WITP (Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, France, England, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Holland), not only the usual suspects you’ll find in every big summer comp, but also the local heroes and the up-and-coming shredders that you’ll see soon everywhere. This special mix is the recipe for an explosive contest, an amazing show and some good times. The jam sessions were wild and some ridiculous tricks went down. The weather was cooperating (skateboarding is stronger than the weather as the MC said), the burgers chiefs were on point, the local kids were amped all day and the scooter kids got to see how much fun you can get on a skateboard, and kids their age destroying the park. Results : 14 and under : 1- Bruno Senra, Portugal (700€ + trip to Texas) 2- Gard Hvaara, Norway (400€) 3- Jacob Stein, Sweden (250€) 4- Ville Wester, Denmark 5- Johan Benda, Denmark 15 and over : 1- Viktor Palomäki, Finland (700€ + trip to Texas) 2- Thanos Panou, Greece (400€) 3- Karim Rhihla, Sweden (250€) 4- Roman Baier, Austria 5- Sergio Sanchez, Spain Open : 1- Jaakko Ojanen, Finland (1100€ + trip to Texas) 2- Hermann Stene, Norway (700€ + trip to Texas) 3- Victor Pelegrin, France (500€) 4- Axel Cruysberghs, Belgium 5- Fries Tailleu, Belgium ELECTRIC Hype of the day: James Hewitt 100€ and Jonas Skrøder (100€) To view more photos of this park, click here:
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Check out this great video promoting skate parks! OUR MISSION Founded in 2003, the Rob Dyrdek Foundation seeks to create healthy communities by promoting and providing the inherent benefits of skateboarding to all facets of society.  The Foundation assists municipalities and non-profits with the design, development, and construction of legal Skate Plazas as well as assists with the creation of community and educational programs that promote and encourage the sport of skateboarding. OUR VISION Our hope is to encourage construction of legal street skating areas, be that through large urban skate plazas or single skate spots. Our goal is to reach: Local Communities, including governments, park and recreations departments and local urban renewal and community improvement committees. Major corporations and organizations sharing our support of legal street skateboarding who wish to give back to their communities through funding, land donation or other means of support. A MESSAGE FROM ROB A skate plaza is far from an original concept. It’s been talked about in theory for almost ten years. I couldn’t count the number of times I’ve heard that someone was going to recreate Love Park or Embarcadero. Yet it’s never happened. If they had duplicated either of these skateboard landmarks ten years ago, they would still be the best places in the United States to skate. There is a bureaucracy within skateboarding that hasn’t allowed it to occur. The skate plaza is very personal to me, because I know all skateboarders suffer the same pain that I suffer each day trying to street skate. There is not one place in the entire United States where I could go legally skate real street. Each day there are fewer and fewer places to street skate, period. Skateboarding is being choked by people that simply don’t understand it. Skateboarders are sick of getting tickets and watching every good skate spot get skate-proofed or destroyed. The future of skateboarding relies on having places to do it. There is a simple solution. Build real street parks. Recreational skateparks, which include street courses, mini-ramps, and bowls, will always be a part of skateboarding, but they will never play a part in keeping skaters off the streets of their communities. Not to mention that most of these recreational parks are built by people who don’t know anything about any type of skateboarding. If 80% of skateboarding is real street, then 80% of the places built for skateboarders should duplicate real street. Like it or not, the standards for modern skateboarding have been developed in urban architecture. A skate plaza in every community is not only my dream, but also the dream of everyone who skates street, from the most advanced pro to the youngest novice. The skate plaza is essential to the future of skateboarding. To learn more about the Rob Dyrdek Foundation, click here:
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Grind For Life, Inc was founded in 2003, by life-long skateboarder Mike Rogers, after his second battle with sarcoma cancer. Mike's tumor was located behind his right eye and nasal cavity. He endured a 17 hour surgery a cranial-facial resection with a brain-lift, removal of his eye, cheekbone, and half of the roof of his mouth and some of his teeth. He beat cancer once as a pre-teen, and again 25 years later. Mike beat the odds and is skateboarding competitive again. To view the Grind For Life website, click here: To view more photos of the Pier 62 Skate Park, click here
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• There is free admission every day for Lake Forest residents; others must obtain an ID card for $5. • An expanded section opened in August; it is the largest free skate park in the United States, according to the city. • The park draws 60,000 visits by skaters annually. Why they are No.1: "Some of the things that make us stand out is that we are over 60,000 square feet, which is more than (major O.C. parks Vans and Volcom) combined," skate-park coordinator Nick Gates said. "We have a variety of (elements) from world-class street, flow, bowls and pools. There is something for everybody at our park." Claim to fame: After its completion in 2003, the Etnies park quickly became the premier destination for skaters in south Orange County and has held multiple championship tournaments and events. The park features a street course larger than any other O.C. skate park and the only cradle (a half-dome-shaped concrete ramp) in Orange County. Fan favorite: "Everyone is like family. It's the best skate park, they have a cradle and their cement isn't chipped away like at other parks," — Dakota Schennum, Lake Forest Fun fact: There is 92,200 linear feet of rebar in the park. That's more than 17 miles, enough to stretch from the park to the ocean at Laguna Beach. To view more photos of this park, click here:
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