Skate-a-Palooza Debuts at Etnies Skatepark

Skateboarders rolled and musicians rocked Friday night as Etnies Skatepark held its first Bomb Grom, a combination concert and skate event. “Music and skating have always been a good combination. I think the event was a success,” said recreation coordinator Scott Stewart. “We do free concerts once a month. This is just the first time we’ve given the opportunity to skate.” While local bands played a variety of genres, skaters flew around from all angles of the park, giving the concert a kamikaze-like atmosphere. Kick flips, wheelies and huge arching turns seemed to flow to the rhythm of each band’s sound.

Many skateboarders enjoyed the new wing of Etnies skatepark, which features a 3-foot wall for beginner skateboarders as well as rails, ramps and a looming bowl for the more advanced crowd.

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