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Ingleside -Skate Park


The lighted skate park includes two bowls of differing shape and depth. The amoeba bowl is finished with pool coping and tile. The shallow end is 6 feet deep with 6 inches of vert. The bonus pocket is 8 feet deep and the deep end is 10 feet deep with a foot of vert. "The amoeba bowl is killer. The hips work really well and it would be worth the drive just to ride it," says a seasoned skater. The flow bowl is a mixture of pool and pipe. It varies in depth from 4 feet to 8 feet with an over vert pocket. The larger of the two bowls, includes a water fall, three entry channels, a step-up pocket as well as the over-vert pocket. The design extended the walls around the flow bowl, so boards from the street course don’t go flying into the bowl. The street area has some excellent features that make it skate-able for both the beginner and the experienced skateboarder. This portion of the park is an assortment of hubba ledges, rails, grind boxes, stairs, funbox, and big hip. The entire skating area is fenced for protection of the skaters and spectators alike. The underground water table in the area is very close to the surface so the skate park is built above ground. The raised berm stands approximately nine feet above the ground surface.

Park Information

Skatepark Designers: SITE Design Group, Inc.
Skatepark Size: 15,000 sq. ft.
Skatepark Type: Flow
Hours of Operation: 4:30 - 9:00 PM
Lighted Facility: Yes
Admission Fee Required: Yes
Park Supervised: No
Safety Gear Enforced: Yes
Ingleside Skate Park
N.O. Simmons Recreational Facility on Hwy 361
Ingleside, Texas 78362