Site Design Group Projects


Springfield, IL -Skate Park


Great old-school clover bowl with concrete coping. Deep end is about 8 feet deep with 1 foot vert. Shallow end is about 5 feet deep with two lobes. Lines galore. Huge 6 ft deep non-vert bowl that is mitten-shaped with an island in the middle of the hand and two extension walls. Great transitions, great hips.

Park Information

Skatepark Designers: SITE Design Group, Inc.
Skatepark Size: 9,805 sq. ft.
Skatepark Type: Flow
Hours of Operation: Dawn - Dusk
Lighted Facility: Yes
Admission Fee Required: No
Park Supervised: No
Safety Gear Enforced: No
Springfield Skate Park
Centennial Park
5751 Bunker Hill Rd
Springfield, Illinois 65802