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Modi'in - פארק מוריה - סקייטפארק (Modi'in Skatepark)

Located between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem this is the largest BMX/Skate Park in Israel. After meeting with local representatives from Israel, SITE understood that designing a skate park to actually meet the needs of their local skating community was at the utmost importance. So we designed a park that catered to the current skill levels and skating trends in Israel. Obstacles such as bank ramps, quarterpipes, ledges, handrails, pump bumps and more can all be found within the street course. The park also includes an individual bowl and a tunnel that connects the street section to the flow area.

Skate Park Designer

SITE Design Group, Inc.

Skate Park Contractor

Evergreen Skateparks

5327 SE 69th Ave.

Portland, OR 97206

Phone: (503) 807-0103

Skate Park Size

28,000 Sq. Ft.

Hours of Operation


Lit Facility


Admission Fee Required


Park Supervised


Safety Gear Enforced


Opened Since


Skate Park Address

פארק מוריה - סקייטפארק

Corner of HaHashmona'im Avenue and Derech Menachem Begin

Modi'in-Maccabim-Re'ut, Israel

Phone: x

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