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Oklahoma City - Shillings Skatepark

SITE Design Group, Inc worked with CLS & Associates (the Prime Consultants) as a sub consultant to design Oklahoma City's newest skatepark. Shillings skatepark is a 2,500 SF plaza, perfect for street skating. This small skatepark is a great stomping ground for skaters of all skill levels with low drops, boxes and rails, there's something for everyone.

Skate Park Designer

SITE Design Group, Inc.

Skate Park Contractor

The General Contractor is: Wynn Construction Company

The Skate Park Contractor is: Grindline

Skate Park Size

2,500 Sq. Ft. 

Hours of Operation

Everyday: 5:45am-12am 

Lit Facility


Admission Fee Required


Park Supervised


Safety Gear Enforced


Opened Since


Skate Park Address

601 SE 25th St,

Oklahoma City, OK 73129

(405) 297-3882

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