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Coming soon to OKC

Oklahoma City will soon be getting a new addition to their city. We are proud to announce the arrival of Stars and Stripes Skate Park.

Stars and Stripes Skate Park is a new Skate & BMX Plaza being added to the Stars and Stripes Park. Stars and Stripes Park has a lake, boasts a patriotic theme playground, baseball fields, and a hiking trial. This park has an impressive street course as well as a pool. Stars and Stripes Skate Park is 10,500 S.F. and is designed for intermediate users and BMX riders. The perimeter will host a 45' long 3' high bank that will house a 1' extension in the center to create a 6' quarter pipe. Along the perimeter there will also be a flat ledge, manual pad, roller,15'-9" flat rail, a bank with a rail, A-Frame, hipped bank, straight out ledge, and the 4' to 4'-6" pool. The pool itself will also include two extensions, one that is 3' high that creates a 7' drop in, and another that is 2' high creating a 6'-9" drop in. The street course is the centerpiece for Stars and Stripes. The plaza includes two banks with ledges, two 3 stair sets with rails, an A-Frame with rails, a bank with a pole jam, long hubba ledge, a bank to kicker, double 2 stair set with rails, double bank, 5 stair set with hubba ledge,7 stair set with rails, and a 6' quarter pipe. Stars and Stripes Park is located next to Lake Hefner off North Portland Avenue and South Lake Hefner Drive. Constructed is expected to be completed Mid September.

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