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Still Going Strong

Since we were in the neighborhood checking on our two newest parks in Oklahoma we decided to pay a visit to one of our old parks. We visited the Mat Hoffman Action Sports Park and are proud at how well it is still doing. Originally opened in 2005, this park is still holding up stong. The longevity for it has been amazing. The park itself has been very well kept and still looks like it did when it first opened 13 years ago! This 26,000-square-foot outdoor sports park for BMX riders, skateboarders and roller bladers is the state’s largest and most challenging. The Action Park is divided into two areas. The first is a flow course consisting of bowl combinations of varying shapes, depths and heights. The second is a street course with ledges and handrails. The two areas are connected with a 20’ wide sidewalk with all types of obstacles. While withstanding the test of time, it has also remained a crowd favorite and has hosted numerous skateboarding and bmx competitions. We are very proud of this park and how much Oklahoma has enjoyed it. Here's to many more wonderful years to you.

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