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Rolling From The Heart Foundation Featured on 'Returning The Favor' In Memory of Ian “Poods”

Rollin' From the Heart Foundation is an organisation that is providing disadvantaged and at-risk youth the opportunity to participate in skateboarding, surfing and camping in an effort to promote a more active lifestyle and encourage positive choices. By teaming with peer/mentors that share their values of kindness, compassion and acceptance Rollin' From the Heart strive to instill confidence in those they serve so that they can overcome personal barriers regardless of their economic, social or mental health status.

Amazing Person. Amazing Foundation. Amazing Cause.

Rollin’ From The Heart Foundation, which was founded by John and Alison Barry—Ian “Poods” Barry’s father and mother—was chosen to be a part of Mike Rowe’s new Facebook show called “Returning the Favor.” Not only was Rollin’ From The Heart the recipient of RTF’s $30,000 donation, they also gathered all of Ian’s closest friends and family to surprise John and Alison at the YMCA park (Poods’ old stomping grounds) with the check and tons of product from brands like Vans, Stance and more. You can learn all about Rollin’ From The Heart right here. We love you, Poods. And the entire skateboarding community and beyond misses you every single day.

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