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Skate Park At Tulsa's Gathering Place Has Pros And Amateurs Excited

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TULSA, Oklahoma - An estimated 55,000 people visited Tulsa’s Gathering Place during its opening weekend, despite some rain.

Monday was day 3, and the first sunny one.

With the grand opening weekend behind us, the park is settling into more routine daily operations.

Monday saw a lot of families out with children enjoying the playgrounds and lots of people throughout the park.

The opening celebration will last 100 days and includes special events each day, like Monday’s skate park showcase with pros coming in to show off their skill.

“The park is definitely rad,” said pro skater Robbie Brockel. “They had great people build it. I’ve skated at parks all over the country. This is great.”

Gathering Place set out to bring in the nation’s best skaters for the opening. They’ve been at the park throughout the weekend alongside some of Tulsa’s best skaters.

“It’s like a dream come true to have these guys skate with us, and to skate with them,” said Tulsa skater Alan Wren.

The amateurs and professionals alike said they believed the new park will build up the sport and bring in younger skaters.

“It’s centrally located. I think they’ll be stoked,” said Brockel. “They can get out of school, come ride around, and it will get younger kids involved because they can come here and learn how to skate.”

“I’m super stoked for this park,” stated Wren. “It’s really bringing people together, showing folks that skaters aren’t thugs and stuff like that.”

You can find a list of upcoming events at Gathering Place here.

Photo by Shane Baval

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