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New skate park to open at Stars and Stripes Park

Work is well underway on a new skate & BMX plaza at Stars and Stripes Park near Lake Hefner.

The park, on a peninsula jutting out along the south border of the lake, boasts a patriotic themed playground, baseball/softball fields and a hiking trail. The design is by Site Design Group, an award-winning firm specializing in skate and bike park planning, engineering and construction throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Austrailia. Site Design was also behind OKC's very popular Matt Hoffman Skate Park in Wiley Post park by the Oklahoma River.

The Stars and Stripes facility will have an impressive street course as well as a pool, with 10,500 square feet designed for intermediate users and BMX riders. From Site Design: “The perimeter will host a 45' long 3' high bank that will house a 1' extension in the center to create a 6' quarter pipe. Along the perimeter there will also be a flat ledge, manual pad, roller,15'-9" flat rail, a bank with a rail, A-Frame, hipped bank, straight out ledge, and the 4' to 4'-6" pool. The pool itself will also include two extensions, one that is 3' high that creates a 7' drop in, and another that is 2' high creating a 6'-9" drop in. The street course is the centerpiece for Stars and Stripes. The plaza includes two banks with ledges, two 3 stair sets with rails, an A-Frame with rails, a bank with a pole jam, long hubba ledge, a bank to kicker, double 2 stair set with rails, double bank, 5 stair set with hubba ledge,7 stair set with rails, and a 6' quarter pipe.”

This will be the 4th skate park in Oklahoma City as in addition to Hoffman, there is Route 66 Skate Court in far West OKC and South Lakes Skart Court at 4210 SW 119th. The new Stars and Striples facility should be complete this September.


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