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Skate DSM Hosts First Event to Educate People on Safe Skateboarding

DES MOINES, Iowa – Skate DSM is hosting its first event teaching people how to skateboard safely.

Skate DSM is a new nonprofit with the mission to make skateboarding a celebrated activity in the Des Moines community.

Skate DSM President Norm Sterzenbach said, “We wants kids to be able to know how to skateboard safely. If you are doing it safely, you’ll have more enjoyment. So, one of the big components of skateboarding is when you fall you get back up. When you don’t succeed you try again, and again and again.”

The first clinic and contest is open to any age group. People will be taught by experts how to do basic skills like turning, balancing and different kinds of jumps.

People can enter a contest and will be judged by people from ‘Elements Skateboard.’

Sterzenbach said this is the first of many clinics and contests for the community. The nonprofit plans to use the new skate park ‘Lauridsen Skate Park’ to continue to educate the community on safe skating.

"Highlighting skateboarding in the community and using the new skate park as a way to do it. Not just the national events, although there will be plenty of those that will come in. Like I said, to be able to build something that is Des Moines based to showcase our local skaters,” Sterzenbach said.

Right now, ages five to 29 are signed up to participate in the first event.

The clinic and contest is Saturday May 4th at the Four Mile Sk8 Park. It is located at 3711 Easton Boulevard in Des Moines.

The clinic is $15. People can register online or the day of. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m.

People interested in the contest will pay $10 to enter. The contest begins at 10:00 a.m.

The Lauridsen Skate Park is set to open to the public later in 2019.

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