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Oakley  - Oakley Skate Park

Oakley Skate Park is a 10,549 sq. ft. bowled concrete facility. The centerpiece of this skate park is a huge sub-surface bowl with 8-10 foot walls. In the middle sits a crazy L-shaped plateau with coping on the flat-top and a rounded hump on the remaining 2/3. Also a 6 stair set with a small transition at the bottom, a handrail + 2 other rails on the main platform, a couple jibs for slides and grinds and a nice roll-in area. Most concrete features are edged with coping or angle-iron and all the transitions are perfect. There's also a long fun-box type thing along one edge for practicing your board-slides or smith-grinds also serves as an extension for the bowl. Skate parks like this are great for the kids in the area and are a great addition to the community.

Skate Park Designer

SITE Design Group, Inc.

Skate Park Contractor


Skate Park Size

10,549 Sq. Ft. | 980 Sq. m.

Hours of Operation

Open Daily 24 Hours 

Lit Facility


Admission Fee Required


Park Supervised


Safety Gear Enforced


City Website

Opened Since


Skate Park Address

Oakley Skate Park

4122 Utah 32

Oakley, UT 84036

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